Thursday, February 25, 2010

Creativity Is Not a Pretty Sight!

This is actually the neat side of the table! I spent most of the day today talking with stores and working online booking hotels and flights for my next couple of trips that are coming up in April and May. But when I had those all set up, I had no excuse for avoiding the absolute pigsty that my workroom had turned into.

So when something becomes inevitable, one might as well enjoy it, right? I selected Santana on my Pandora Radio app and started in....

Messier side, although I did take this picture part-way through the cleanup -- it was a lot worse! I had already stowed a stack of books and magazines, a sewing machine and about 16 yards of fabrics that I had purchased but not yet found a home for. You can actually see that there's a tabletop here!

Half-way through.....and look at the windowsill -- docking station instead of boom box and big mess of wires!

Ah.....much better! And for those inquiring minds, the big rolls hung up over the cupboards are 90" Warm & Natural batting, one in each color.

Now I have to take that itty bitty pile in the middle, which consists of two fabrics to be sewn together for backing for a customer quilt and the stencil that is to be used on that quilt, and get started on some work!

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  1. WoW, I'd love to do my batting like that.. awesome!!


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