Thursday, February 18, 2010

Way Excited -- 2010 Stencil Company Catalog!

I get most of the stencils I use in my work from The Stencil Company in Cheektowaga NY. I saw the owner, Cindy Turnbow, briefly at Road to California and requested that she send me 100 of her newsprint retail catalogs -- 32 pages of stencils, marking tools, and pre-printed wholecloth minis and quilts. When I teach at guilds and shops locally, I bring the catalogs and pass them out to the students; out of town shops order them directly from Cindy for their customers.

The big heavy box arrived a couple of weeks ago and I just didn't have a chance to take a good look at the contents. But with a class coming up in a couple of weeks, it was time to browse through and see what was new and what was missing from my collection!

This page was pretty exciting -- I love all of the African fabrics and often stop and take pictures of those types of quilts. Here was a half page of designs from Africa; also on this page were Antique Designs by Roberta Benvin.

There are block designs in a number of sizes, borders, and stencils for wholecloth minis. There is a whole page of background designs, my favorite to use instead of stippling or meandering to fill larger areas.

Here are a couple of pages of pre-printed quilts, from pillow (18"x18") to queen (90"x108"). What a great way to perfect your free motion stitching!

I'm even looking at the pre-printed mini wholecloth quilts as good practice pieces in my free motion boot camp workshop. What a creative way to daydream on a beautiful, sunny Thursday morning!

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  1. I too enjoy their stencils. Have found when using their whole cloth stencils, even the small ones, my hand quilting really improves. I also use their stencils for various fibre-arts projects and machine quilting.



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