Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Drumroll, Please -- MY THREAD STASH!

Like any quilter, I own a LOT of thread! I'm fortunate in that I have the space to store the actual store-size fixtures in my sewing room -- the one on the left is Sulky rayon, 850 yd. spools; the one on the right is Mettler Silk Finish, which is a 50 wt. 100% cotton thread.

The Sulky is often threaded in the top of my machine when I am machine quilting; I really like the sheen of it, it is very durable and easy to work with. I drop (go to a lower number) my top tension .5-1.0 tension settings when sewing with it.

Mettler is the thread I most often use in the bobbin when I am machine quilting; I also use it for piecing sometimes, although I also like Aurifil and MasterPiece. I have every color of MasterPiece, but it is not nice and organized like my other threads, so no picture....

Two of these cases are filled with 84 colors of Sulky Blendables, a variegated that I like because it changes color pretty quickly. I use the 30 wt.; it also comes in 12 wt., which would be great for bobbin work. The back case has various embroidery threads in it for when I do machine embroidery. I also have machine embroidery threads on cones, but they are all over the sewing room and therefore not findable for a picture!

Patrick Grant of Unique Sewing Furniture makes a thread cabinet that has drawers just tall enough to accommodate all of the embroidery cone threads. I just might have to get one of those in here to get things a little more presentable -- you know, in case one of you guys decides to visit!


  1. ok, i'm jealous.. i have mine in the 5 drawer cabinets from office max.. one for each brand.. and two for Isacord.

  2. Oh my goodness, I didn't know that anyone other than stores have that much thread! You are indeed fortunate! Happy quilting!

  3. Two things:
    1) I told need to come visit your blog
    2) Add King Tut to your collection I think you'll love it

    2a - your thread stash rocks!!



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