Saturday, February 6, 2010

LOVE Pillowcases -- HATE Ripping Out Stippling!

The "pillowcases for the freshman" project has been a lot of fun -- above is the one that I made for January and gave to Destiny when we got back home from Australia and New Zealand. We had seen penguins on a couple of occasions on the trip, so this will remind her of how much fun we had!

The February one was very fun because I got to use pink fabric with hearts -- two of my very favorite-est things in the whole world!

Destiny came by this afternoon and I gave her a pair of slippers and the Valentine's pillowcase. Big smile -- she liked it!

She had a great new haircut!

On the other hand, I got this brilliant idea yesterday that instead of attaching the magnifying lens to my sewing machine and then doing my stippling, I would just skip a step and try to stipple really small. Well, needless to say, that didn't work out very well -- you can see a big difference between the size of the stippling on the left hand side of the picture and what I have been ripping out on the right.

For the tutorial on how I should have done it, click here.

Have to do the ripping with a magnifying glass around my ne ck;it is taking forever because I stipple using the Bernina stitch regulator set at a 1.25 mm stitch length -- not a happy camper today!

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