Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mountain Quilters Cottage -- Skyforest CA

One of the two stores that I visited last weekend in the Lake Arrowhead area was Mountain Quilters Cottage. I couldn't find a website, but you might want to call or visit if you are up on the mountain -- the store is located at 935 Kuffel Canyon in Skyforest (phone: 909-337-1521). There was only one person working the store on Saturday, Jan Chapman, who is also program chairman for two guilds up in that area -- so she pretty much knows everything quilt-like going on thereabouts!

Of course, I liked the sparkley little lights in the fireplace! The quilt above it is made from one pack of the Hoffman Bali Pops, the batik jelly rolls made up of 40 2-1/2" strips -- there was a big basket of them on the table along with books and patterns to use these handy fabric collections.

Lots of flannels in great PJ prints -- it gets cold up here!

These pastels promised that spring was coming...

...and there was a whole shelf of neutrals. When I worked on Alex Anderson's "Neutral Essentials" book, she taught me to have a good variety of them on hand.

Because I am such a Bernina Girl, first I noticed the machines, but then the books, and then the 30s quilt above the machines, and then.....and then....too much good stuff to look at!

Jan took me on a tour of the classroom; there weren't very many people in it and the room is huge -- as you can see, there was plenty of space to spread out. I told her that I was planning to bring some friends up in the fall for a retreat and she said that if the classroom wasn't in use, we were welcome to play in it! From what she was telling me, it seems like retreats are a pretty common occurrence around here.

What I bought: The print on the left looked like it would make a really good lengthwise-cut border, so 3 yards of that went home with me, along with 1-1/2 yards of a neutral that I didn't have.

I get to go up to the Lake Arrowhead house whenever we have a free weekend (if someone else in the family hasn't put dibs on it first!), so I'll be sure to re-visit this shop soon!

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