Friday, February 26, 2010

Double "D" Cupcakes -- Lancaster CA

Company coming for dinner tonight -- yeah, I could bake something, but....then I remembered the letter from my friend Marilyn Norris who owns Double "D" Cupcakes. Marilyn's been baking and selling her treasures for a while now, but the letter said that she had opened a retail store. Did this mean that I could actually get cupcakes at a moment's whim and a ten minute drive rather than calling and placing an order for later in the week?
Seems so!

Here's Marilyn in the entrance to the shop; the table holds a nice display of pictures from various events where she has catered the cupcakes as well as a book with beautiful pictures of all the goodies!

The kitchen is gorgeous -- look at all that space! And those ovens! And those big tables (I know, we just want to throw cutting mats on them and start setting up sewing machines, right?)! That's Cassie with her back to us, frosting a cake for a special order for delivery later this afternoon.

Recognized the big container, but this one holds frosting -- in my house, it would be full of rising bread dough...looks remarkably similar!

Big machines for mixing up the cake batters and frostings....

Oh, my -- and the pantry!!

Double "D" sells two sizes of cupcakes: standard size, known as "Baby D's" and the larger "Double D's", which are twice the size for less than twice the price. I can easily scarf down one of the babies in one coffee break -- whoops, I just did!

I've only done that once with a Double D -- it was chocolate peanut butter (my favorite flavor and absolutely to die for!), I ate it at about 3:30pm with a cup of coffee and couldn't eat dinner that night! Now we cut them in quarters and share...

If you live locally or are making a trip here, Double "D" is located at 620 W. Ave. L in "Sweet" 103 in Lancaster; phone is 661-510-0480. They aren't shipping cupcakes yet, but probably will be soon, so you can keep posted on that by either going to the website, or by becoming a fan on their Facebook page.

An advantage of the Facebook thing is that the available flavors are posted each day, so if you do want to go in you can call ahead of time, tell them what you want and it will be all ready for you when I (oops, I mean YOU) get there!

So I'm just finishing up my coffee break and now I have to get out a brush and clean the red velvet cupcake crumbs out of the keyboard -- hate it when that happens!

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to Double Ds. Looks yummy. I'm going to have to make plans to visit them soon.'ve been nominated for the Golden Quilter Awards. I have just posted all the nominees on my blog. Voting for winners starts in March. I think it is quite special to be nominated!



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