Monday, February 8, 2010

Today -- Playing with Fabric and Books

Still ripping that darned stippling from that small section -- surprising how much time it takes! But, of course, the mind wanders to the pile of fabric sitting on my desk, so have to get up every so often and arrange and rearrange them as well as daydream about possible quilts.

I found some of the pinks as well as the pink/grey/off white floral at The Quilted Quail in Ridgecrest CA, one of the darks at Quilt 'n Home (also in Ridgecrest), pulled the greys and more pinks from my stash and then supplemented with a quick trip to Bolts in the Bathtub last week.

So this is what I have so far to work with....

While I was browsing at Bolts, I found a couple of books that I also thought would work in well with this plan -- LOVE the cover quilt on Jane Hardy Miller's French Braid Obsession book
and think that would be absolutely beautiful with my fabrics.

And, just in case there was leftover fabric, there were some really good ideas using this type of focus fabric in Louise L. Smith's A New Twist on Strips 'n Curves. I usually try to use up "leftovers" on the back of my quilts and then slice the rest into 2-1/2" strips so they are ready for another project that I would normally buy a jelly roll for. But there are so many good ideas in Louisa's book that I just may make the strips narrower and get another great quilt out of the fabrics I've pulled.

Question: What do you do with your "leftover" fabric? For purposes of this question, we will define leftovers as too big to be scraps, but not big enough to stick back on the shelf -- let's say, under 1/2 yard.....


  1. If I like the fabric, I stick it in a box with other large scraps (don't know why, I've never done anything with them!). If I'm ambivalent about them, I put coordinating colors in zip loc bags, and donate to local thrift store.

  2. One of my funniest memories was going through a quilter's fabrics and finding a full box labeled "Scraps Too Small to Save"!


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