Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finished Susan's Neutrals Quilt Today

This was Susan Moore's quilt when I was working on it and had the entire center done, but nothing marked or stitched in the borders. She had sent me a stencil for the centers of each block and I had "stitched in the ditch" for the rest.

I was looking for borders that would complement the amount of quilting in the main part of the quilt so that everything would lay flat. The inside "celtic" style border is SCO-014-2.5 from The Stencil Company; the narrower outer border is #608 from Quilting Creations by DJ, Inc. I was not able to obtain contact info for Quilting Creations through an internet search.

Here's a close-up of the two borders. I used Mettler 100% cotton silk finish 50 wt. thread, both top and bottom, for these designs.

Now I can box the quilt up and get it in the mail for Susan to bind!


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