Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Do You Use Your iPod Touch?

Dan gave me a 36GB iPod Touch this morning for Valentine's Day with the very cool hot pink cover! I've never used an iPod before (will probably need coaching from Destiny, the electronics queen!), but I can see possibilities with the amazing number of apps available for it.

Of course, I'll use the Starbucks app and some of the business travel apps, but have some questions for those of you who own either this or the iPhone. What apps do you find most useful? Should I buy a docking station if I want it to stream music from Pandora into my sewing room? Please share your thoughts on how I can integrate this into my sewing and travelling life.

Thank you! And big hugs (and hearts) to all of you on Valentine's Day!

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  1. I definitely think you should buy a docking station!! If you want a simple docking station that isn't too much (and can fold up into a travel size! :D) you should get a docking station called inMotion. Personally, I think the docking stations that apple makes (such as the iHome, is too expensive). As for apps... well, so far I haven't really bought any apps that I need, mostly apps that I play around with to cure my boredom. If you use any instant messaging programs though, the app called IM+Lite is a good app for that (plus its free). Another app that I LOVE, which is called Backgrounds, lets you download all kinds of different backgrounds that you can put as your wallpaper on your iTouch that comes up when you first turn it on. (That app is also free). One other app that you may like, which I'm sure that you already have, is called Pandora or Rhapsody, where you can listen to music that you like.

    Hope that helped! lol :)


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